Georgian Bakers has been producing the highest quality confectionery products for 10 years. The products are made from raw materials selected with a high-level selection. Our factory includes a 2000 m2 area where all the necessary requirements for the manufacturing process are protected.

The company permanently renews machine tools and rotates them to make the process more efficient and produce high-quality products, the best quality is the main secret of our success which has brought us high confidence and high ratings without any additional advertising expenses

The company spends a lot of resources on the protection of sanitary-hygienic norms, and for this purpose, we have a laboratory working with the quality and accuracy of Japanese and European manufacturing inventory. In the laboratory, testing and control of raw materials are also produced.

During manufacturing processes, Georgian Bakers is using old traditional recipes and also our technologists are actively working on creating new European recipes, in which the company contributes to various stages of development, Russian, Austrian and Italian technologists.