About Company

Georgian Bakers is a confectionery factory specializing in the creation of various baked confectionery products.

The company was established in 2008 and has been offering the highest quality confectionery products to Georgian customers for 10 years.

Today, Georgian Bakers produces more than 150 tons of confectionery products, which distributes itself to its own forces, in the whole territory of Georgia in 5000 merchants, our assortment has increased to 60 units.

There are more than 150 employees employed in Tbilisi as well as in regions.
Due to the quality and taste of products, Georgian bakers are the leader of the baked goods market.

Georgian Baker is a growing and innovative company that works on improving a quality of product every day. Cares about development, new recipes, products, and its loyal customers are often offered delicious and high-quality products.